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Information for Schools and the teachers of the English Departments

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Choosing English Alive to support your School and Students

Thank you for wanting to know more about the English Alive experience.

We provide courses to many schools across Italy - and have been working with most of these schools for many years.

The benefits these schools have achieved include:

  • Giving the school a competitive advantage

  • Providing a significant boost to encouraging enthusiasm for the English Language amongst students

  • Complementing the curriculum delivered by the English Department

  • Creating some time for the teaching team to concentrate on planning and developments

  • Providing a special course that engages and educates the students

The information on this page is designed to help schools to understand more about:

  • The options for courses

  • The curriculum and teaching methods used

  • How we handle different ages and abilities of students

  • How to go about arranging a course at your school.

We also have available some downloadable documents that we hope can help - see links below.

Course Options

Course Duration: 5 days is typical but courses of up to 10 days are available

Date:  Anytime.  Schools typically run this at the beginning of a term

Course size: We aim to have around 15 students per course / teacher - we find this gives the best balance between individual attention and group dynamics

Suitable for ages: 9 to 16 - we offer different curriculum for different ages and experience and our teachers have experience with all ages. 

Payment:  Normally the parents pay us direct, but sometimes schools prefer to collect from the parents.  Some schools apply for grants in support of the costs of the course.  The costs varies depending on the options that you choose.


Our curriculum and teaching methods have been developed over the last 20 years and are constantly updated.   Each teacher has a copy of the curriculum pack and this provides:

  • Examples of lesson plans

  • A structure for the course

  • Exercises and case studies that can be selected for use during the course - covering each of the skills that we focus upon

  • The standards and expectations that we require of our teachers to deliver the 'English Alive Experience'

We focus on improving linguistic confidence, fluency, listening and pronunciation skills. ​​

  • Our teachers are usually rotated on a daily basis to give the students the benefit of different accents and differing teaching styles

  • Teaching is delivered in English Language only.  This is important to the learning -  Our teachers have much experience in helping the students.

  • We utilise Activity Based Learning techniques to deliver the courses:

    • Positive reinforcement and a variety of tasks and activities create an exciting learning environment

    • Pair and group work is encouraged to create an atmosphere of collaboration

  • At the end of each course, students perform or present their work to each other - this is a real achievement, for them to present in English in front of their peers.

Setting Up an English Alive Course

We have a great deal of experience in working with schools. 

In an nutshell - our job is to deliver a brilliant course to you in your school.    To do that, we need your help to:

  • Present the benefits of the course to colleagues
  • Recruit the students
  • Arrange accommodation for our teachers (we find it works really well where our teachers stay with one of the families - leading to a fascinating share of cultures.  All such hosts receive a discount from their payment
  • Make available the classrooms for our use
  • Work with us in sharing any specific needs that your school may have
  • Group the students into classes of approximately 15 
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