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In School Courses 

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Our 'Boost Your English' Course has been experienced by thousands of students

These courses are available in Italy, France and Spain

Developed over 20 years, typically, courses run for one or two weeks – delivered in your school.  

We focus on improving linguistic confidence, fluency, listening and pronunciation skills. 

Positive reinforcement and a variety of tasks and activities, create an exciting and fun learning environment.

Pair and group work is encouraged to create an atmosphere of collaboration.

We do this with a combination of planned lessons and project work in small groups of up to 15

The Boost your English Course

Course Arrangements

  • We run the course in partnership with the English Language team at your school.

  • The course is run each morning for about 4 hours, for 5 days

  • Our teachers speak in English only throughout the course

  • The course is suitable for students from age 9 to age 16 - the content is adjusted to suit the age and capabilities of the students


  • Our curriculum is created to align with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

  • It is designed to cover all skills in an engaging and interactive manner

  • We can provide tailored courses for your school (IELTs, Cambridge exam preparation)

Our Teachers

  • Our teachers are fully qualified in teaching English to Italian students.  They are hand picked for their high quality teaching abilities and use Activity based learning techniques to make the sessions fun and and engaging

  • The teachers live in with parents of the students - providing a cultural experience for all 

Details of the courses and arrangements

If your are a teacher that is interested to know more, then click on the button below, to learn more about the curriculum, arrangements and delivery of our courses

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